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Welcome to our school the Universe Academy. We are a medium sized school with a total enrollment of about 300 students. We are running an English kindergarten, English conversation school and have special projects for elementary school children (KIDS UNION), tutoring and so on. At our school we truly care about each one of our student's progress. Our policy is to teach all children equally, providing our students a constructive and nurturing learning environment, as well as providing the students with the most caring and qualified teachers.

  • English Kindergarten
  • English Conversation
  • JUKU-Cram School

At our English Kindergarten ! English is just a tool for communicating. They are just 2 and 3 years old though...

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Where is Miyakonojo? About this area

Miyakonjo is the city of about 170,000 people nestled between the Kirishima mountain range and the ocean in Western Miyazaki. If you love the outdoors, Miyakonjo is the place to be. A one-hour car drive will take you to some great hiking and camping spots and an hour in the other direction will take you to the ocean and all of the beautiful bounties that it has to offer.

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