About our school

At our school we believe that we can raise well rounded and loving children through showing genuine love for our students as well as teaching them about life using English as a medium. Our school is different in that the curriculum is based in English and our teachers are native English speakers.
All the activities, games, songs and lessons are based in English. We provide the best possible learning environment for our students to excel in.

Our school is centered around various events and productions that occur throughout the year. Below is a list,
short explanation and links to some of our biggest events and productions.

Daily Schedule

A day in the life of one of our kindergarten students


About this job (small advice to the new teachers)

The kindergarten teacher position entails more than just teaching.
You are with the children all day while they are at the school and are expected to guide, help and talk with them through the day.
The daily schedule starts in the morning with a bus ride to pick up students or wait with early students at the school before classes start.
Teachers assist students in changing their clothes and then play and exercise together in the morning.
After the morning lesson the class eats lunch together then the teacher gets a break.
Following afternoon playtime the teachers help the children change and get ready to go home, review the days lesson and talk about other events during snack time.
Finally teachers ride with the students on the bus on the way home or wait with them until their parents pick them up after school. Bus and early/late teacher shifts alternate depending on the schedule.

We have a curriculum loosely based on report card proficiencies.
It is up to the teacher to make monthly schedules and plan activities for the classroom. There are lots of teaching resources available including the internet.
The teacher is also responsible for decorating the classroom and keeping it clean.

Daily care obviously includes dealing with children who are sick, crabby, combative, slow, inattentive and spoiled.
It is up to the teacher and their experience on how to deal with the children although the Japanese teachers and other teachers can be of assistance when needed.

The kindergarten position also requires some public speaking at special events.
This includes speaking to your students, their parents and the general public.
Some preparation may be required beforehand such as knowing what to say, what props you might need and what to wear.
Management will inform you beforehand what you are required to do but it’s up to you to ask for more details.
There are also times when we are in the public spotlight like on a local television program, starring at a special event or appearing in advertising.




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