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Kindergarten and Conversation teacher position
next position : Sep. 1st 2023

  • The kindergarten position entails teaching 2-6 year olds a balanced curriculum in an immersion English setting
  • also teaches elementary school students in conversation classes from 5:00pm
  • creating a learning environment in which students can excel
  • help create dances and skits for the Talent Show and Sports Day
  • write progress reports
  • keep a daily journal of daily activities
  • plan for daily lessons
  • one year renewable contract
  • sponsorship for visa is available
  • competitive salary
  • no key money
  • housing is furnished with the basic necessities
  • housing is located within ten minutes of the school (by foot, less by bicycle)
  • standard summer vacation
  • standard paid vacation
  • 12 days winter vacation
  • on completion of the contract and all duties, the return ticket to country of origin will be paid.

These positions are in Miyakonojo, Miyazaki, Japan.


We think....... Things Expected of Our English Kindergarten Teachers

  1. Speaking in English is our most important work.

 At Universe Academy, our teachers speak constantly to the children in English only. Students learn to speak English freely and with ease by being constantly immersed in the language during their time at school. Because our students are Japanese and because English is not their native language, the teacher's most important job is to maintain a flow of simple, easy-to-understand, conversational English.  Sometimes, the fact that the children are not native English speakers is a barrier between teacher and students.Our goal is to overcome this barrier with the help of teachers who possess perseverance and who are full of energy, ready to educate. Those who do not enjoy spending time with and speaking to children should not apply for this position. Working with very young children is both rewarding and exhausting. Anyone who is uncomfortable with this type of work will, as time passes, grow increasingly unhappy as the children and the school demand the highest performance as a teacher and as a speaker of English. Worse yet, young children are very sensitive; they and their parents will undoubtedly sense when a teacher is unhappy. On the other hand, with an energetic teacher who loves to guide young children on the fantastic journey of early English acquisition, the children will flourish.  The families that comprise our school community have seriously thought about the importance of English education at the kindergarten level. To think of our kindergarten as merely an English conversation school is completely incorrect. Kindergarten is a period when the foundations for growth are instilled in a person; these are the most important and formative years of one's life. Parents who send their children to our school believe that early childhood is the most opportune time for English acquisition.They have a deep desire to maximize this window in the lives of young children to allow them to begin speaking English naturally and with ease. Therefore, we at Universe Academy have a serious responsibility to these families. Those who do not understand the depth of our commitment to teaching English at the kindergarten level, who see this position as merely looking after children in English are not needed for this job. However, someone who loves to talk, loves to teach, really loves children, and is full of energy is someone that this kindergarten wants on staff.

  1. Your life as a Universe Academy teacher

 Children at this age need to be guided properly, which is why the teacher's character is of the utmost importance. Schools around the world expect the teachers of young children to be beyond reproach in their manners, morals, and actions, both in school and in their personal lives.This is especially so in Japan where we believe that one's teaching style is a reflection of one's self, which will be passed on to the children.For this reason, the standards for our teachers are much higher than those at ordinary English conversation schools.  The present Japanese educational system does not teach English in a way which results in proficiency, although most Japanese people sincerely want to learn. In fact, for many Japanese, being able to fluently speak English is their dream. The impression you give, good or bad, may affect the way some Japanese view English, as well as the people from your country. We want you to understand the awesome responsibility you have towards the Japanese who live in this area.  You may not think that your life outside of work has any direct relationship to your position as a kindergarten teacher. However, as a foreigner in our close-knit community you will be noticed by everyone as a Universe Academy teacher. While you are in Japan, you should never forget your position as a teacher, as well as your responsibilities as an individual. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult living and working in a country where what is acceptable is not always easily understood. The Japanese staff at Universe Academy is always available to answer questions or to help in any way we can.

  1. Teaching small children is a special opportunity

 The children in our kindergarten are usually between the ages of three and six-years old. They have an insatiable appetite for new activities and learning situations every day. One challenge that our teachers must face is the differing ages and skills of our students. While we never want to charge them with something that is too difficult, to dismiss their complex abilities and give them something too easy is even worse. Children thrive on routines, but outstanding teachers find ways to hold students' attention by creating new and challenging variations within the routine. By creating learning units around larger topics, our teachers are able to stimulate the children with new information every day while not overwhelming them with too much information all at once. Building familiarity over time with new words and ideas helps our children to learn English naturally, paralleling the way they are learning their native language of Japanese.

The best Universe Academy teachers work to create an extremely child-friendly environment. This means that they give careful thought to the experience of the child from the moment he arrives at school until the time she waves goodbye at the end of the day. Some examples of the ways our teachers make the school a safe and friendly place for children:
* They often kneel down to interact with children at their own eye level.
* They decorate the school and classrooms with art work in places that are easy for the children to see.
* They maintain a safe, clean classroom, keeping in mind that children will explore the nooks and crannies that adults tend to ignore.
* They model organization skills by helping the children learn to maintain their belongings, art supplies, musical instruments, etc. as well as the grounds and common areas of the school.
* They take personal responsibility for the safety and happiness of each and every child.

  1. Maximizing the learning potential of our students

 Universe Academy was founded in order to capitalize on the boundless language learning potential of tiny children. During this special pre-school time when most children seem to be simply playing, they are actually mastering the intricacies of language. Research and experience have shown us that at this age, a child's mind is not limited to naturally acquiring only one language. While our students are effortlessly learning Japanese at home, they are acquiring English at school with only a little more effort on their part. The teachers, however, put careful thought into the unique challenges of English immersion for such young students. Our classes are divided by age and there are specialized strategies for each age group.

  • ANGEL &NOAH classrooms, 2・3 & 3・4-year-olds

 The Angel and Noah children, due to their young age, are able to remember many things. Which is why this is the most important time in their development. On the surface, it would appear to the casual observer that they do not understand what is going on in the English-speaking environment. However, teachers who spend time with them observe that this is a special time of "genius-like comprehension". The teacher's effort and success will determine their growth level when they enter into the Comet and Pegasus classes. It is tantamount at this time that the teacher make class fun, and offer as much stimulation as possible so that they develop an appreciation for learning, and are able to carry the same level of excitement to the upper classes. However, if the teacher lets just one day go by without doing her best, these children, after a year or two will have a weak understanding of English, a lack of attentiveness, and will not be able to focus on what the teacher is saying. Once again, this is the most important stage for the children. However, teachers report that this is a time when they are often unsure of the students' comprehension level. This is because although the children can understand a great deal at this age, their ability to express themselves in English and respond to the teacher is limited. The more a sensitive teacher is able to perceive a child's level understanding, the better she will be able to further guide the child. One or two years with an excellent teacher will surely turn these children into wonderful students.

  • COMET&PEGASUS classrooms, 4・5&5・6-year-olds

 The teacher may think that teaching these classes are easy and that the children understand easily because at this age they are able to respond well in English. However, this is when their comprehension ability quickly begins to disappear. They live in a Japanese speaking society and will revert into "Japanese-mode" quite easily. They will naturally communicate in Japanese with their fellow students, which is why it becomes essential that the teacher not waste one second, not even one word, and speak in English at all times. Still more, the ability to be "pulled back" into speaking English from their "Japanese-mode" becomes more difficult. Because of this, the more a teacher tells them, "speak in English," the less likely they are apt to speak. As they become older, age four, five and six, they begin to lose the ability to naturally respond in English. Because of this, an excellent teacher who can understand the importance of this serious responsibility will be needed. The goal is to send our students on to elementary school with a rock-solid foundation of fluent English that will stay with them for a lifetime.

 Our hopes and dreams for our students are ambitious, but the most important thing for us all to do is to truly love each and every child. A teacher who can offer her love will be naturally guided to personal excellence and an outstanding teaching style. We hope that you will be our next excellent teacher. Please let us know if we can provide any further information to help you decide whether Universe Academy is the right place for you. Thank you.

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