• April 1991

Our English Kindergarten was founded by Masafumi Seguchi with a staff of five.

  • May 1991

Construction of our school was completed in May of 1991. Our English kindergarten, computer school, English conversation school and Cram School were opened under the name of International Education Center Universe Academy.

  • April 1992

Our school started a special English conversation class for kindergarten graduates.Our Kindergarten was split into two classes due to increasing enrollment.

  • March 1993

We became a charted member of JAPEC and began participating in the annual National Children's English Proficiency Test

  • September 1995

We doubled the size of our Playground and added some new toys.

  • December 1995

We held our first annual party for Graduate students

  • April 1998

Our Kindergarten was split into three classes due to an ever-increasing enrollment

  • April 1999

The addition of four new classrooms were completed! Our English kindergarten is split once again in order to meet enrollment demands!

  • June 2005

We had a signing ceremony for a river area of our private land, ‘Domu no mori’.

  • July 2005

We were assigned as a school where we can hold a group examination of TOEIC.

  • June 2015

We were approved as a childcare center.

  • March 2016

We started having our own system for school lunch.

  • April 2017

We extended a building to the east side.

  • Present

We currently have about 10 Japanese kindergarten teachers, three native English teachers. Please see employment, if you are interested in the teacher position.

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